QuickurLikes was started in Barcelona by Dominic Steil. This is a simple, nimble business. Basically I would generate QR Codes using Scan.me and embed the URLs within each other to make what I like to call SQRs, SmartQuickReaders. Then I used Adobe Illustrator to customize the colors, and in logos, embedded the QR within other images etc. These codes are access points to all of your internet links, all in one QR code.  They can:

  • build company’s or person’s social media presence through likes or follows
  • play a band’s most popular song
  • become a bitcoin wallet
  • connect a traveler to a Free WiFi network
  • offer a product or service
  • enroll customers in rewards programs
  • digital business card

I read that mobile search inquires will surpass that of PC and desktops by 2015.   I want to develop the most efficient and effective business model to generate and deliver QR codes. They are multi-lingual, anyone who sees one knows what it is, I believe it has a lot of upside. Especially with the wearables and sensors on the tech horizon, I believe Quickurlikes will find a global niche.



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